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Tree Of Anime

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October 16th, 2004

kishigo @ 10:56 pm: Overglorified chat room.
Dammit. You were right.

September 19th, 2004

kishigo @ 10:19 pm: Hmm.

It rocked.

September 11th, 2004

kishigo @ 11:34 pm: Laaaadies
Hmm. Well TAOLDAB went well. I dont have pictures because i was waaay to busy playing games to run upstairs and grab a digital camera. Perhaps next time... we'll see.

As for upcoming TOA chapter meetings, i'm not sure as what basis the meetings will be going on. I start work next week, and to top it off, i'm already overloaded with course work... taking all advanced courses is really starting to bite back. Anywho, we should set up a set scheduled day, such as every second fri-sat of the month.... just a possibility.

Second note - we need more members on LJ than just craig and me. c'mon people. dont be idiots.

ROB! feel free to post here at anytime, big guy.

September 2nd, 2004

kishigo @ 10:41 am: TAOLDAB (towel dab???)
Fri, Sept 3 - Sat, Sept 4

Thats right. We'll be celebrating and commemorating the hard work of labor unions and teamsters by watching anime and playing UT2k4 thanks to them. The two go hand in hand. (teamsters and anime, that is)

>>>official TAOLDAB reporting coverage will commence this weekend

cheeeck, cheeck it.

August 25th, 2004

kishigo @ 05:34 pm: Banner Issues

Well I realized that TOA had yet to display an offical club icon, so I did a little resarch for one by image googleing "TOA":


TOA - Kids Edition

TOA - Culinary Edition

TOA - Number Edition

TOA - Lego Edition


Each are respectable in their own way. My personal favorite is the first. Or we could just go with Kyle's rough sketches and scan them to Photoshop. All good possibilities.

August 24th, 2004

Woo ToA got a livejournal. Of course unless Bartley, Prange or even *gasp* Goyette join, this will be nothing more than a glorified chat room for Cabbs and myself -_-;; But running on the false pretense that other members will actually read this (yeah right), were thinkin about having a meeting sunday/monday at Cabbys place. Per usual, Ill bring my rig, and Cabby should have his up and running by then. Maybe a little Unreal Deathmatch? Sure would be sweet. Oh I was also thinking we could use this journal to write little anime/game reviews if one were so inclined. Id write one for Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 right now but Im too lazy and would rather go play Frozen Throne. Later.


August 23rd, 2004

kishigo @ 10:45 pm: Opening Night
Hello World. Probably all 5 of you who check this out, you have my respect. Or maybe I wont care. Either way, Community: TOA is up. Hooray.

As a Mini-Anime club, members have to be physical people who show up to chapter meetings. Where we will frolick in the goodness that is Neo-Japan.

This was simply a setting-TOA-up-post. I wonder myself why I wasted my time writing this. OH yeah. Its because I cant play Doom 3 yet.

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